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Alley Bar (formerly 119 Merrimac)
14 Pi Alley,
Boston, MA 02116
Phone Number: (617) 263-1449
Levi/Leather bar for older guys & bears.

Club Cafe
209 Columbus Avenue
Tel: 536 0966
Excellent upscale cocktail and piano bar (busy early evening) plus a superb "New American" restaurant overlooking the basement Metropolitan Gym allowing you to watch the "Muscle Mary's" taking off the pounds while you put them on. At the back down a short corridoor is a crusier Video bar which is open Thursday-Sunday.
Gray 30%, Admirer 30%, Rent/Hustlers 0 %, Music 3, Cruise 7, Elegance 9

100 Warrenton Street
Tel: 617-695-9500
Gay Male clientele. Dance and cruise bar.

Dedo New07/04/2007

Fritz Lounge
4.5 stars based on 5 reviews
Neighborhood: South End
26 Chandler St
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 482-4428
Gay sports bar with a mainly older clientelle. Offers good brunch at weekends
although service can be slow due to small kitchen.

Boston Prime Timers
P. O. Box 180010
Boston, MA 02118-0001 U. S. A.
Phone: (617) 338-5305


The Paradise
180 Massachusetts Ave
Tel: (617) 494-0700.
Mixed age (BUT OVER 30) crowd.
Male strippers are featured Wed. through Sat.
Mon. is gothic; Tues. is techno; and Thurs. is college night (19-plus with no cover). DJ Sam Sampson spins on Fri.; DJ Brad Gwynn spins Sat.


What Provincetown laacks in the overt cruising you get in guesthouses in places such as Palm Springs and Key West, it more than makes up for in charm and the friendliness of the locals. However, it's not very "Gray" orientated and tends to be more youthful than places like Ogunquit and Fort Lauderdale - at least in the summer months, and particularly during hoiday weekends. Most of the mature generation tend to network rather than go out partying.

The A-House
6 Masonic Place
247 Commercial Street
508 487- 1430
Downstairs bar
The locals bar in P'Town as it's open all year and more cruisy and and raunchy compared to the Porch with a "Leather" bar upstairs (although most don't wear leather in summer - too hot - apart from a tasteful armband - sooooo butch!).

The Boatslip Tea Dance
161 Commercial Street
508 487-1669
3.30pm-6.30pm (door charge varies $3.50-$8.00)
The place to go to admire the buffed and puffed twinkies plus the mature men who go to admire them. It's also a good place to mingle and make new contacts as many of the mature guys don't go anywhere else. The Hat Sisters are always there in summer and worth waiting for!

The Porch Bar at the Union (Gifford House)
This is the main place for mature men and admirers in Provincetown. The upstairs bar and piano bar attract a number of mature men although it is mixed ages and the downstirs club brings in the bears. The restaurant "11 Carver Street" is excellent.
9-11 Carver Street
508 487-1430
Gray 25%, Admirer 25%, Rent 0%, Music 5, Cruise 5, Elegance 5

An Irish restaurant and pub. Food, piano entertainment, mixed gay/straight but does attract some of the mature crowd.
269 Commercial St.
(opposite Town Hall)
Provincetown, MA 02657
Tel: 1 (508) 487-6500

Hotels & Guesthouses
With so many guest houses to choose from it's hard to pick out any specific one. There are places for every budget and standard and from quiet to the cruisy. However, I would make a special mention of the exquisite antique ship-themed interiors at the Captain and His Ship with huge 4-poster beds in every room. Also the Brass Key if you want a big place with all ameneties. Best to check out one of the local guides such as or Travel Guides such as (especially their Master Files which give a "Sexual Temperature" rating ) for more objective info.
However, I would say that you won't be spending too much time in your guesthouse during the day.

The beaches are beautiful - even if the grain of the sand kills your feet. Herring Cove is the local Gay Beach which is str8(ish) near the car park and then gets progressively Lesbian then Gay as you walk towards the lighthouse (left when facing the sea). There is a shortcut to the gay section where you see the parked bikes between P'Town and the Herring Cove Parking area.You can also get there from the causeway near the Provincetown Inn which takes you to the nude section below.

The unofficial nude section of the beach is towards the pont near the lighthouse and marked by a line of rocks in the sand and a driftwood "sculpture". Cruisy on the back of the dunes even during the day. All ages, shapes and sizes.

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