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The Wrong Door - looking for men in the wrong place
A bar too far - the tour of the town that went on too long
The two mile high club - how to get upgraded twice over
A mile too high - fun and games at 30,000 feet but with a sting in the tale

1. The Wrong Door

"I am bisexual and I was in Gran Canaria for a vacation with my wife. I managed to "escape" for the evening with another married friend. He was "almost" straight but we had heard about the bars at the Yumbo Centre and made our way over there.

We walked around looking for a likely bar and came across a big building with a door, through which men kept entering into a darkened interior. After waiting nearby to pluck up courage, and reassure my nervous friend, we entered the building.

Once inside we were immediately surprised to be handed a piece of cloth.
"We're not going to have to strip off and wear this are we?" asked my shaken friend
"I'm not sure" I replied "let's go inside and see"
And we slipped through the curtains into the main part of the building
There we were met with an amazing sight - rows of men on their knees rocking back and forward.

Yes, we had entered a Mosque!

We beat a hasty retreat and I couldn't persuade my friend to go anywhere else after this episode."

2. A bar too far

"I was in Dallas at a company conference held at a hotel way out of town. While the others were massing at the bar, I slipped out a side door into a cab to go downtown, thinking that this would be my only chance before the conference started.

After walking around a few of the bars on the strip which were full of youngsters, I made my way to a lounge bar where I found a number of mature patrons - one of whom caught my eye wearing a silver gray suit and with hair to match, who it turned out was also visiting the city.
We started to chat about the bars in Dallas over a couple of drinks and then he took me to another bar, the Hideaway, where we continued to drink while enjoying the entertainment at the piano bar.
"Do you want to come back to my hotel?" he asked as the evening wore on
"Sure", I replied, having been waiting for the invitation all evening
As we made our way back to his elegant 5-star hotel downtown, I noticed he was driving slightly erratically but put it down to his unfamiliarity with the rental-car he was driving.
We entered the huge suite he was staying in and he poured a drink and sat on the sofa, while I went to the bathroom.
When I came out, I was just about to lean over and kiss him when I noticed he had fallen fast asleep!
I managed to wake him enough to get him onto the bed at and he apologised but said he really was tired.
So I made my excuses and I left for a frustrated journey back to the conference hotel."

3. The Two Mile High Club

"I am in my 70's and was flying to Thailand for a vacation. I had managed to get a good deal on Thai Airlines in economy. However, the inbound flight was delayed and we were all waiting in the departure lounge including the crew who were sitting next to me.
We started to chat and later one of the male stewards leaned across and said about one of the stewardesses.
"My friend, she likes you".
"That's very nice", I replied,
"but I like you" I said with a smile.
He smiled back, and said
"Oh, wat kind o ticket you got"
I showed him my humble economy ticket and he said.
"OK, when plane board you wait here"
I waited and watched all the other passengers board the plane and as the last was about to board my new friend came over and said "Follow me"
We went onto the plane and turned left as we boarded, all the way to First Class, where he motioned me to an empty seat and resumed his duties saying, "I come back later"
After I had been feted with champagne, and the best food, my friend returned.
"I show you upstairs" He said
I followed to the deserted upstairs 1st Class lounge where we consummated our friendship in a very spectacular fashion which left me exhausted.
I returned to my seat and eventually the plane stopped for refueling in Abu-Dabi where my friend bid me a very long goodbye as he told me a new crew would be joining the flight.
After take off I dozed off and was then woken a while later by a new steward who said:
"Ah, my frien' toll me all about you, do you wan to come upstairs"
But the earlier fun and jet-lag had caught up with me and I had to decline as I was so tired."

4. A Mile Too High
A friend used to be a pilot for a European airline which enabled him to get cheap economy flights to the US and he and his boyfriend were flying over to the New York for a vacation.
He caught the eye of the steward and they registered a mutual interest in each other and later the movie went on and the lights went down. His friend fell asleep and he caught the eye of the steward again who motioned him to follow to the back of the plane. They entered the toilet and did what you can in an airplane toilet at 30,000 feet. After they had tidied themselves, the steward said; "you wait here and follow me out in a few minutes"

My friend waited a while, and then left the toilet - only to find that the movie had ended, the lights were up and there was a long line of people waiting to use the toilet who were all watching him leave. To cap this at the head of the line was his boyfriend who was giving him a very poisonous look.

Needless to say, they hardly spoke for the next 12 hours.

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