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Nacional 340 (Neptuno Centro)
9pm-4.30am. Closed Monday in Winter.
Tel: 34 73 90


Fabulous architecture, artists, shopping and climate and then there's the MEN! who make Barcelona a must-visit city on anyone's list.

Is a very nice city, mediterranean, with some interesting places for older people and admirers. Although there are many gay places, they aren't located in the same area. So you have to check your list and make your route before going out, and moving from one to the other by taxi or tube (tube is very easy; no way to get lost).

La Paloma
c/Tigre 27 (Metro: Sant Antoni)
Though not strictly gay, the classic La Paloma dance hall is deliciously camp and, music-wise, firmly and happily rooted in the past. You can dance your heart out without feeling ridiculous, or simply watch the spectacle from the antique balconies. Open: Thurs, 6-9:30pm and 11:30pm-3:30am; Fri and Sat, until 5am; and Sun from 6-10pm.

Padam Padam
Calle Rauich 9
Tel: 302 50 62
Plays classical music.Mxed gay/straight

Punto BCN
c/Muntaner 63-65 (Metro: Universitat)
Tel: 93 453 6123
Very nice large, bright and well-decorated bar. Attracts a mixture of ages at most times of the day and includes a pool table and balcony with additional seating where you watch to swoop down on any new arrivals.
Gray - 40% Admirers - 20% Rent/Hustlers - 1% Music - 5 Cruise - 5


Calle Bruch, 65 (Metro: Girona,Urquinaona)
Tel : 93.487.48.14
Entry Ptas 950. Particularly busy between 5/7 pm
Very large, slightly shabby but full of older guys and their admirers.
Two saunas, steam room, Jacuzzi, dark maze, TV room, porno video room, bar, resting area and free cabins (for *resting* in)
They give you free plastic sandals when you arrive - the fact that you need them says something.

Calle Diputacion 46.
Tel: 34-3-325-9346.
Private bathhouse with pool & restaurant.
Older crowd; watch for hustlers.

Cine Aragon
c.Aragon, 197
Best time to go is around midday and after 3:30 pm. Straight movies on the screen."

Arenas (it has moved from the previous location)
(C/ Tarragona, 8 - esquina C/Principe Jorge) (Metro Tarragona)
(not to be confused with disco Arenas, which is younger guys).

Very very cruisey and busy between 4.30 and 8.00. weekends it can be ok even later, until 10 pm.
Entrance 700 pts Located off Plaza de Espana, behind the hotel Plaza in a small and very short street, going up Tarragona street from the hotel Plaza, first street on the left side. Nice little bar with free gay porno movies on big screen, darkroom, another cruising room not so dark with porno movies on tv and, of course, the "normal" cinema. This place is equipped with interesting double seats (without armrest in between) located in some of the rear rows.

Sala X
Plaza Urquinaona, 5 Tel.: 93 301-70-94
Not as good as the old Sala X above


Benidorm has always been something of a cliche as a tourist destination for the worst kind of British tourist (the kind that think wearing socks with open toed sandals and "Kiss Me Quick" hats are the height of fashion!).

However, there has been considerable improvement here over recent years as many of the cheaper destinations in Spain have allegedly been trying to move up market - but there are still many football-shirt wearing, badly-dressed Brits who thankfully, tend to congregate at the other end of the town amongst the high-rise apartment blocks.

Nevertheless, Benidorm is a very worthwhile place to visit for old and young for both the nightlife (it boasts 3 large bars for older man/admirers amongst the 25 gay bars) and the charm of the beach and Old Town. The gay bars and clubs tend to be in the small streets of the Old Town section of Benidorm, although the bars for older men and admirers are a little way out of of the town centre and worth taking a taxi to if you find walking uphill difficult.

Many retirees flock here for the warmer weather mainly from the UK, Netherlands and Scandinavia as well as Spanish from the North - making for some incredible eye-candy for lovers of mature men as they strut along the beach in their skimpy swimming trunks - thankfully the fashion for wearing baggy shorts to swim in hasn't caught on that much. The Spanish arrive in May and October for a free holiday and the rest between those months.

Many of the older Spanish men also try a little "life on the wild side" and there are also local younger men with sultry dark looks after them. The Spanish older men do tend to be short if "perfectly formed" and it helps if you can speak some Spanish in order to have fun with the locals but much can be accomplished with eye contact and body language!


Avenida Uraguay
Open 10pm until late
Just up the hill from JJ's.
This bar is run by Pepe (Ex JJ's) a
nd very popular with the older Spanish crowd and silverfox holiday makers. Much the same layout as JJ's- TV lounge, video room, darkroom with private cabins, etc. Large dance floor where the older Spanish couples show just what good dancers they are and which is also used for a hilariously bad drag show on Friday and Saturday nights. Great atmosphere, very welcoming. Drinks slightly cheaper than JJ's. Has dreadful Spanish drag shows which are sometimes so bad they're funny! Airconditioning tends to be switched off dring week days which can mean it gets very smokey.
Gray 90%, Admirer 10%, Rent 0%, Music 6, Cruise 6, Elegance 5,
Smoke 7(9) 

JJ Private Bar
Uraguay (under Hiper-Condor)
Open all week 4pm - 12 midnight (check times)
Large air-conditioned bar with comfortable seating area, bar and dance floor as you come in. This leads into room at the back with a pool table and TV showing mainstream movies (in Spanish) and seats around the walls where many locals sit to admire the passing crowd. Then there is a TV lounge showing local TV programs and next to it a porno room showing occasional daddy videos. This leads into a large open darkroom with private cabins for you to get acquainted with a new friend.
Fairly busy during the week and v
ery busy at the weekend until about midnight when everyone seems to drift up the hill to Incognito.
Gray 80%, Admirer 20%, Rent 0%, Music 4, Elegance 8, Cruise 7 (10 at the back), Smoke 5

Edif Narcea C/ Venezuela, 4
Daily, 15.30-21.30h. Lots of married men going for sex on the way home after work as well as expats/tourists. Sauna of two floors with active sauna/anti-room. Ground floor darkroom also very active.


Cruising area at Mendez Nunez gardens. in the corner at the little patrol station and near de la terraza cafe. after dark, all types, mostly mature men, some older, some rent. cruising 100%

Pub Cristal
Fraile, 11 (Chiclana de la Frontera)
For the over 40's and admirers. Late night bar.

Gran Canaria now has it's own page click here

The Tic Tac

Horno de Haza 19 (near to the Plaza de los Lobos)
Has a reputation for being very cruisy. The clientele is largely male, and of all ages from late teens to much, much older men. The atmosphere is a little seedy, beginning with the two sets of padded doors and doorbell at the entrance and revolving crowd passing through the velvet curtains to check out the scene in the dark back room.

El Angel Azul
C/Lavadero de las Tablas no. 15 (near the Plaza de los Lobos)
The "Blue Angel" is around the corner from the Tic Tac and similar in its clientele and offerings, though a little more upscale and a little less seedy.

Ibiza is an Island resort in the Mediterranean which tends to attract the younger crowd but also has a big gay following. The ramparts of the old fort are very cruisy.

Calle de la Virgen 64 (opposite JJ Bar)
9.30pm - 3am
Bar and art gallery

La Muralla
Calle Sa Corossa 3
10pm-4am (closed Jan & Feb)
Tel: 13 80 83
Terrace is a convenient place to sit and watch the traffic to and from the ramparts

The gay nightlife is much easier to get to than Barcelona. There is a neighborhood called "Chueca" (the same named tube station takes you to the main square in it) where you could find 90% of the gay places of the city. It's mainly for younger people, but there are also mature people.

Black & White

Libertad, 34 (Metro: Chueca)
Madrid 28004
Tel. 91 531 11 41
Opens daily from 10pm to 6am
A Madrid classic. There are two floors - the top one has strip shows and is favored by older men looking for young ones, while the bottom floor has a disco.
Many Rent/Hustlers

c/Zorrilla 7
Tel: 429 8191
Small, friendly bar on two levels, thoroughly to be recommend. Good mixture of ages, but mostly mature 50-75. The big bonus of Dumbartum is that it is busy early, around 9pm, so you do not have to wait until midnight for the crowd to arrive. Don't be shocked if someone asks you to go downstairs to get to know them - - there are "love seats" there for you to get better acquainted as well as porno videos to view.
Gray-60%, Admirer-10%, Rent-1%, Music Level 6/10, Cruise Factor 8/10, Elegance 6/10

C/ Pelayo, 11 - Chueca
With strippers and drag shows in the first floor, and downstairs darkroom, lockers... Best time: around midnight.

LL Bar
Chueca Pza. Vázquez de Mella, 1
Drag queen show and strippers, darkroom - attracts an older crowd.

Hot (Infantas, 9 - Chueca
For bears, chubbies, daddies... Every first saturday of the month there is a special night for Big men and admirers, organized by the "Gorditos Club":
Best time: around midnight. It has darkroom and lockers in the basement, but not many people there...

Bears Bar
C/Pelayo, 4
Small bar for bears and admirers. Some older cuties go there, but not many. Best time: around midnight.

Marqués de Valdeiglesias, 6 (Metro Banco de España)
28009 Madrid
Open: Midnight to 04:45 of Sunday to Thursday and Midnight to to 06:00 Friday, Saturdays and eves of festive. The spectacles begin to 01:00
Tel: 91 522 20 79
The nightclub for the older crowd and their admirers.

Gran Via Clavel, 8 (Metro: Chueca)
Tel: 91-531-91-86
Open daily from 11:30pm "until sometime in the early morning."
The bar has an all-black exterior adjacent to a luminescent hotel entrance. It has a friendly atmosphere that attracts an older local crowd. Unlike most of the bars in the area, this is a classy joint -- based on the fictional Rick's in Casablanca (including the cigarette smoke!). It's decorated with Bogie paraphernalia, including marble floors and gilt columns. The only thing missing is a piano player singing "As Time Goes By". Open daily from 11:30pm "until sometime in the early morning." Drink prices are inexpensive but there is a weekend cover charge of Ä10.

Cafe Figueroa
(C/Augusto Figueroa, 17 - esquina C/ Hortaleza)
From 4 pm to midnight for a coffee, tea, or another drink.

XXX Cafe
Clavel 4 (corner of Clavel & Reina Streets)
Metro: Gran Via
Madrid 28004
Tel: 915.328.415
Older guys and bears for a nice conversation. This beautifully decorated place is the first gay café in Madrid to have big windows on to the street, so you can check out what's going on from outside before you venture in. It also stages excellent cabaret at weekends. Open 9.30am-1.30am Mon-Thur; 9.30am-2.30am Fri, Sat; 4pm-1.30pm Sun..

Sauna Comendadoras (Noviciado metro, then three blocks north, four blocks west.)
Plaza Comendadoras, 9
28012 -Madird
One of the oldest in Madrid
Report Jan 99 ""The most action of any sauna, and some great looking guys. I really recommend it. It also has a very large dark room where there was usually some action."

C/ Travesta de las Beatas (Metro Santo Domingo)
Gray 50% Admirer 10% Rent 0% Elegance 8 Cruise 9
Steam, sauna, cabins, bar
Probably the best sauna for older and admirer. It works everyday from morning to 10 pm, but is best after lunch (3-6pm)

C/ Jose del Prado y Palacios (Metro Vinateros)
It's a little bit hidden, at the ground floor of a building of apartments, close to a gym. It's far from the city centre, but it worths a visit too. Less clean than Príncipe sauna, but totally different people (many married people, and less queens). Open monday to friday, from 4 pm to 8 pm.

Both are quite similar: Straight films on the screen, work from morning to night...

Cine Alba
C/ Duque de Alba (Metro: Tirso de Molina)

Cine Postas
C/ Postas (Metro:Sol)

San Sebastian

La Resaca
Paseo de Miraconcho 24
From 11pm

Sevilla (Seville)

Trastamara 19

Beria Bar
Perez Galdos

La Miranda
Calle Luis de Vargos
10pm - 5am, Closed Sunday

Calle Luis de Vargus 4 (no name on the door)


Sitges, one of Europe's famous gay resorts, is only busy in the summer months, July/September. The end of August/September is the best time to go. Just sit in on of the terraces and what the mostly gay crowd walk past. Thoroughly enjoyable.

More sophisticated and picturesque than some other Spanish resorts, Sitges has been a gay venue for many years. Barcelona is only half an hour away by train and has enough sights to keep you occupied for days, as well as an extensive gay scene of its own.

Increasingly attracting a more mature crowd and offering places for them to go and meet the younger crowd, although these tend to be on the small side and for mixed ages.

There are basically two choices of gay beaches: the main one in town is just in front of the Calipolis Hotel. It's a pleasant, clean sandy beach with sun loungers available for hire and other facilities such as showers. The beach shelves gently into the sea so it's okay for paddling as well as swimming. This beach is mainly (not exclusively) gay, with the proportion of gay to straight varying according to when in the season you visit. You can tell it from the rest as it is the only one with a rainbow flag on the beach sign.

The other (nude) beaches are a couple of miles south of the Town. Walk or get the bus to the Terramar Hotel (looks like a wedding cake) and then walk on along the coast past the golf course and over the top of the railway tunnel. There is now a regular service bus, but I found that, like the private service that preceded it, this did not seem to run to time. Catching it was a matter of luck. There are two nudist beaches, the second one more exclusively gay. Cruising goes on in the woods behind, but if you cross the line, watch out for trains! We didn't visit these very often: the stunning bodies on the main beach were enough.

Bear's Bar
Carrer Bonaire, 17
Following the cheeky neon arrow on the sign outside, you'll find a busy bar for Bears, Cubs, Chubs and their admirers and a resulting slightly older crowd. Lots of saucy films going on over the screens and there's a dark room. Open daily at the usual bar times.

New Comodin
4 Calle Taco
Older gentleman's bar. Also has drag some nights - tacky but quite fun.

Pau Barrabeitg , 5
Friendly bar and art gallery. Plays classical music and jazz. Mixed but attracts an older crowd.
Gray 50%, Admirer 40%, Rent 0, Music 3, Elegance 6, Cruise 5.

El Horno
Joan Tarrida 6
Tel. 93-894-09-09
Small bar, popular with the bear and older crowd, with a warm welcome. As the name suggests, there cruising aplenty, particularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays when they hold their pants parties. One of the earliest bars to open of an evening, opening hours are 5.30pm to 3.30am daily - with happy hours every day until 7pm serving two for one. Dark room is through an archway and the back bar shows blue movies on the telly.

Carrer Nou, 7
Open 10pm until 3am.
Very popular and busy bar. Bit of camp, lots of older guys but good atmosphere.

The Piano Bar (was Pym's)
c/San Bonaventura 37.Sitges
Has changed owner in 2002 and now attracts a mixed age crowd although there are some older guys who go there too.
The bar has a dance floor and stage and the owners are a talented pianist and singing duo although they will have a regular entertainer for the summer season. Music from the twenties to the present time
Gray-20%, Admirer-20%, Rent-0%, Music Level 6, Cruise Factor 5, Elegance 6.

Porqoui Pas
La Nagalean 703

La Nagalean 408

Men's Bar
La Nogalera, 713-714
The place for bears, mature men and admirers

Contacto Pub
La Nogalera, 204
Fun local bar

Villa Leon
Gay owned bed and breakfast in a wonderful country setting yet only 7 minutes away from Malaga airport and Torremolinos. Also
have two apartments in Torremolinos for rent.
The Villa has 5 double bedrooms; all have en-suite sitting rooms with own TV and video. There are 2 full bathrooms and a large communal lounge with satellite TV. on the covered terrace, there is a swimming pool and an extremely large roof terrace that has mountain views and is perfect for all day sun tanning
Full English breakfast is served AI fresco. Lunchtime snacks and evening meals are optional. Drinks served all day if requested.
Keith (65) and Joe (32) will make you feel very welcome and ensure your stay at Villa Leon is a relaxed and happy one.
The nearest gay nudist beach is just 5 minutes by car from Villa Leon and is just one of many.
Tel: From UK 07092009171 07092009171 (press 3 at menu)
From rest of the world +34 617885851


North Dakota
Pza Margarita de Valldaura, 1
Phone: 963.575.250
from 20h. Closed on Mondays.
For bears/chubbies and also mature men.

Pub Base
Convento de Jerusalan, 49
Mon-Sat from 23h
The real bar for mature men.

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