Research and Sociological data about gay seniors

While there is a plenty of research on gays and on seniors, there is little that combines the two. However the links provide access to extensive online resources from researchers around the world.
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Gay Men and Aging (Garland Studies on the Elderly in America) by Lester Brown
List Price: $110.00 (Hardcover) comments:
"Until recently, little had been written in gerontological studies concerning the homosexual male; nor has there been much formal research in general over the past three decades.

Stereotypes of older adult lesbians and gay men (Paperback/Download) by Sara L. Wright
List Price: $69.99 comments:
Past research has examined stereotypes of sexual orientation-unspecified adult and older adult women and men. There has also been research on stereotypes of age-unspecified lesbians and gay men. No research to date, however, has formally focused on stereotypes of older adult lesbians and gay men.

Midlife and Aging in Gay America:
Proceedings of the Sage Conference 2000 by Sage Conference 2000, Douglas C. Kimmel, Dawn Lundy Martin, Senior Action in a Gay EnvironmentOrganization
List Price: $39.95 comments:
How is the pre-Stonewall generation aging? What can the Stonewall generation expect? Combining personal experience and original research, this fascinating collection explores the practical and psychological issues of aging for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals.
Sociological Analysis of Aging:
The Gay Male Perspective by J. Michael Cruz
List Price: $39.95 comments:
An exploratory study of the life changes homosexual and bisexual men experience as they age. This unique book presents in-depth, qualitative interviews with over gay men, aged 55 and older, focusing on their physical, mental, and social needs. More than one hundred men offer first-hand perceptions on the unique problems they face with regards to employment/retirement, housing, health and well-being, and relationships, and how they function within (or without) a social support system.
Social Services for Senior Gay Men and Lesbians by Jean K. Quam (Editor)
List Price: $15.95 comments:
This collection covers topics relevant to social service practitioners who work with older gay clients. Topics include housing, group therapy, long-term care, coming out, and the professional development of heterosexual service providers to advocate for their older gay clients.

The Changing of the Guard: Lesbian and Gay Elders, Identity, and Social Change
by Dana Rosenfeld (Paperback - May 1, 2003) by Jean K. Quam (Editor)

List Price: $19.95 comments:
One of the first books to link identity, age, and gender, The Changing of the Guard offers a significant meditation on the politics of older lesbians and gays.

Passing Through : The End-of-Life Decisions of Lesbians and Gay Men
by Dana Rosenfeld (Paperback - May 1, 2003) by Jean K. Quam (Editor)

List Price: $10.95 comments:
Closeted relationships and the history of discrimination have led many partners to avoid making end-of-life decisions. The personal interviews and group discussions presented offer insight into the challenges that same-sex couples face and provide a framework for discussing what partners need to consider to assert their legal rights.
Links & Papers
Adaptation and Age-Related Expectations of Older Gay and Lesbian Adults.
Author: Quam, Jean K.; Whitford, Gary S.
Journal Citation: Gerontologist, v32 n3 p367-74 Jun 1992
ISSN: 0016-9013
Publication Year: 1992
Abstract: Respondents in a study of lesbian women and gay men over age 50 who indicated high levels of involvement in the gay community reported acceptance of the aging process and high levels of life satisfaction, despite predictable problems associated with aging and sexual orientation. Being active in the gay community was an asset to accepting one's aging. (Author/ABL)
Lesbian and Gay Aging Issues Network of the American Society on Aging. Extensive links and online resources, including articles and reference lists as well as organisations working in sexual minority elder care. Links to OUTWord online and OUTWord, the network’s international newsletter.
"Älter werden - Ältere Lesben und Schwule in Berlin" Report from nationwide study of older gay men and lesbians in Germany presented at conference in November 2002 (PDF file in German)
A GLBTQ Education Internet Resources - Older GLBT People Huge collection of links to articles and websites that deal with LGBT ageing issues
Adaptation and Age-Related Expectations of Older Gay and Lesbian Adults Results from a 1992 study of lesbian women and gay men in the Midwest over the age of 50, who indicate high levels of involvement in the gay community, provide a picture of the aging process of these adults that builds on previous research efforts.
Gay Men and Aging Brief essay on issues of aging, ageism, desire and sexuality for gay men by John R. Ballew, M.S., an Atlanta-based gay therapist. Published on Ballew's website.
Gay Widows The Journal Literature Bibliography of articles in psychology journals published before 2002 dealing with issues of grief for gay men. A number of the titles make specific mention of aging issues. On the personal site of Richard Jasper.
Getting Older Brings Challenges Stanley Ely "Slippery Moments of Getting Older Bring Challenges," Washington Blade (April 6, 2001). First-person column on the challenges of aging gracefully for gay men.
Grandads Together John Templeton, "My Perspective: Grandads Together," The Advocate (Dec. 25, 2001). First-person story of an older gay male couple, both with children and grandchildren and both divorced from female spouses.
LGBT Aging Personal site of LGAIN member Steven David, a Ph.D. student in psychology at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. His site offers information on his research on stress and coping in older gay men, plus links to Web resources on LGBT aging.
Older Gay Men and Sexuality "Age Before Rage," An interview with retired sexology professor John Alan Lee, who discusses issues of aging and sexuality for gay men. Published on the website of Queer TV, a Canadian Web broadcaster.
The experienced world of young gay men who are attracted to older men A Phenomenological Study by Nino Wächter. Master's Thesis University of Turku Department of Psychology, Helsinki, December 1999

AgeInfo is an information service about old age and ageing provided by the Library and Information Service of the Centre for Policy on Ageing. AgeInfo provides the following searchable databases....
- A bibliographic database of over 40,000 books articles and reports from the specialist collection on Social Gerontology held at the Centre for Policy on Ageing.
- Detailed information about over 4,000 organisations active in the field of Old Age and Ageing
- An international Calendar of Events in the field of Ageing and Old Age.

Sexuality in Later Life - Papers from Inter-Congress Conference Ageing Societies and Ageing Sociology: Diversity and Change in a Global World, 7-9th September 2004
How does Ageing affect Older People with Marginalised Sexual Identity? This research in Scotland aims to investigate the identity practices of older people subject to exclusion through marginalised sexuality.
‘Negotiating Identity, Negotiating Later Life: Older Gay Men Arranging Later Life in Britain' Findings are presented from semi-structured in-depth interviews conducted with gay and homosexual men aged 57-83 about their social lives and welfare needs.
A Kiss is Still a Kiss? - The construction of sexuality in dementia care Explores descriptions of the sexuality and sexual expression of people with dementia residing in carehomes.
Ageing, Sexuality, and Social Change Quantitative and qualitative data in a study of the social and policy implications of non-heterosexual ageing, to highlight some significant issues for understanding ageing in this context.

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