Mailing Lists, Internet Groups & Communities

Online mailing lists, communities and clubs for older/younger men offering message boards, blogs, photos, personals and chat facilities.

These are mailing lists which enable you to subscribe to receive email from specialist interest groups. Some are text only - others allow pictures. You can either receive individual emails or you can usually subscribe to the digest version to receive one email containing all the messages sent to the list that day instead.

Moderated lists require messages to be approved before they are distributed - this cuts out much of the spam and flaming. Some list also require approval of new members before they can post which also reduces Spam. A list with no approval and no moderator is liable to be poor quality due to the number of spam messages.

Discussions on most lists can be frivolous or serious and can become vitriolic at times. On the other hand many of those on the list have good advice and are very supportive.

In April 2001 Yahoo removed all adult groups from their directory although they continue to host the groups. This means the only way you can find them is by personal recommendation or through an external link, such as the ones below.

Images Allowed= mainly photo group
Text Discussions= text only group
Moderated= moderated group
= blog
Restricted membership=member approval required

Name Description Type
Aussigaydad For younger/older Australians Images Allowed
Dadddys Mature Men Gallery ...XXX Images Allowed
Delicous Dads Delicious And Delectable Seniors Images Allowed
Enjoy_Old_Pics Mature Men Gallery ...XXX Images Allowed
Foxhunters Younger for mature gay men Images Allowed

Gay Senior

No moderator so mostly spam  

Gay Senior Citizens

Mature Men Gallery ...XXX Images Allowed
GayAndOver40 Dicsussion list for mature gay men and lesbians. Age, location and gender must be shown in your Yahoo profile to join. Text DiscussionsModeratedRestricted membership
Gay and widowed support alliance (gawsa) A safe place for glbt widwed people to share stories, get to know others, and learn how to get on with life after losing a lifepartner. We are in the process of trying to become a non-profit organization, to provide care, assistance, and work with other agencies to care for the caregivers and glbt widows in need of services they cant access for many different reasons.  
Gay Intergenerational Couples A group for those in intergenerational relationships Images AllowedText Discussions
Gay Mature Men For mature and older men and their admirers. Images Allowed
Gay Older Men Pics 50+ UK Mature Men Gallery ...XXX Images AllowedModerated
Gay over 60 Discussion for and about Gay Men over 60. Finding partners and problems associated with being over 60  
Gay Primetimers e-mail discussion list for gay men over forty.  
Gay Senior Suits For mature men in suits and admirers Images AllowedText DiscussionsModerated
Gay Senior Suits 2 For mature men in suits and admirers Images AllowedText DiscussionsModerated
Gay Seniors for Fun Already we're older and gay Images AllowedText DiscussionsModerated
Gay Seniors Retiring GSR (Gay Seniors Retiring) is a place on the web where gay seniors or gay sooner-or-later-to-be seniors can discuss their retirement or their plans for future retirement. Text Discussions
G-M-I The mailing list for mature gay men and their admirers in Italy
la mailing list per gay maturi e loro "ammiratori" in Italia
Text DiscussionsModerated
Grandaddy Action Videos Mature Men Videos ...XXX Images AllowedModerated
Horny Seniors For older gay men and their admirers, both young and old. Linked to Caffmoss. Text DiscussionsModerated
Hot Daddys and Grandpas Mature Men Gallery ...XXX Images AllowedText DiscussionsModerated
Magnetic Fire A Community of Mature Gay Men and Those Who Love Them  
Mature Suits   Images Allowed
Mature 50 Plus Younger men looking for older mature men 50+,for good times. Images AllowedModerated
Mature Male Action Mature Men Gallery ...XXX Images AllowedModeratedRestricted membership
MFM Hot Daddies and Gandpas Mature Men Gallery ...XXX Images Allowed
Older Gay Men Connection Contact group Images AllowedModerated
Older Gay UK For older UK gay men and their admirers, both young and old. Linked to Caffmoss. Text DiscussionsModerated
Older4Me Photo sharing group Images AllowedModerated
Oldermen-admirers-pix Mature Men Gallery ...XXX Images AllowedModerated
Senior Loveland Mature Men Gallery ...XXX Images AllowedModerated

Senior Gay

Mature Men Gallery ...XXX Text Discussions
Senior Gay Men For gay men 60+ and those who love men of this age Images Allowed
Senior Male Smoothies Nude Mature Men Gallery ...XXX Images Allowed
Senior Men Action Videos Mature Men Gallery ...XXX Images AllowedRestricted membership
Seniorgaydenbosch Forum / mailinglist van de Senioren-Salon te 's-Hertogenbosch. Een maandelijkse ontmoetingplek voor oudere homomannen (50+) en hun liefhebbers.
Forum / mailinglist of the Senior-Salon in 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. A monthly get-together for mature gay men (50+) and their admirers.
Sexy Older Actors   Images AllowedModerated
Silverfox Stories For exchange of erotic stories Text DiscussionsModeratedRestricted membership

Silverfoxes Club Mailing List

Silverfoxes Club Mailing List is connected to Ben Boxers Clubhouse website.

Do not subscribe to this list if you have a slow connection or do not want explicit photos to be sent to you.

Images AllowedText DiscussionsModerated
SilverSeniorVideo_Group Mature Men Video Gallery ...XXX Images AllowedModerated
SmuttySeniors Mature men/admirers gallery Images AllowedText DiscussionsModerated
Temenos Seniors Email newsletter for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGBTI) Seniors Text DiscussionsModerated

The Silverfox Mailing List

An Email mailing list with over 2000 members world-wide. Subscribers to the list send emails to the list server which are then automatically circulated to other members - normally around 20-30 individual mails per day.

It also has an associated picture archive featuring 10,000+ images of older men (password protected)

Thanks to the many members of this list for their contributions to this site

Text Discussions
Wantodo Grandaddys over 60 Images AllowedModerated


Links page
Print and TV commercials featuring mature gay men
Paintings, drawings photographs & movies
Fact and fiction for gay seniors and admirers
All gay cruises and gay cruise groups
Safe and succesful dating guide
Reviews and ratings of the major and senior dating sites
Chat & video chat systems for interacting with friends or lovers
Events for mature gay men and admirers
Health, and medical treatments for mature men/admirers including Viagra
Gay history through the ages
Gay financial planning
Fun and funny sites for seniors and admirers
Email-based mailing lists for mature gay men and admirers
Movies on DVD and VHS featuring mature and younger gay men.
Magazines and CDs about mature men
Social, political and support organizations
Gay social and ageing research
Gay retirement communities
Gay and senior orientated links, search and portals
Fun T-shirts and other merchandise
How to get the best deal, gay travel, vacations, guides
Erotic and amusing travellers stories.
Gay and senior orientated accomodation and vacations.
Porn Video & DVD with mature men.
Sites offering galleries of pics, personals, chat, etc.,


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