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Gay History Websites
Library and bookstore featuring five centuries of documents about gay men's sexuality -- from oppression to revolution and celebration.
People with a History
An Online Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* History with extensive links
Homosexuality in History: A Partially Annotated Bibliography
This bibliography is arranged according to subject matter. Although it originated (in 1989) in a bibliography of medieval homosexuality, and is most complete for that period, it now addresses the history of homosexuality in all periods.
Queer Heritage: A Timeline
A good chronology of queer history
An introduction to the stories and the people of modern gay history (1700-1973). The site is an ongoing project and most articles about gay male history from 1700-1900 have been completed
The Gay History of Planet Earth
An in-breadth look at the presence of gay people around the world, throughout history.
Gay History and Culture
Essays by Rictor Norton mainly covering UK gay history but also has extensive links to other gay history resources world-wide


Famous Historical Gay People
A-Z List of Famous Gay, Lesbans and Bisexuals
Extensive details of historical and current people who have made a difference.
Famous GLBT People
Comprehensive illustrated and generally trustworthy list, with longer biographies of many of them.
Homosexual and Bisexual Rulers
A list of 72 rulers, with dates.
Gay, Lesbian, and Bi Historical Figures
Long list, with dates and sources.
Gay Heroes
Knowing some of these great HEROES of the past helps dispel many MYTHS about gay people, and looking past the LEGENDS that they have become reveals them to be people just like you and me.
Gay and Lesbian Heritage
One of the most detailed lists of famous gay and lesbian people although mainly in the fields of music, art and literature.
Regional Gay History
Russian Gay History
The combined titanic efforts of prominent Russian and Western scholars - historians, sociologists, sexologists and many other specialists - contibuted to the reconstruction and portrayal of the gay life during all periods of the long Russian history.
Sydney Gay History
This webpage brings you a series of recordings, broadcast on radio in Australia, taking you on a historical tour of gay & lesbian Sydney. Also provides links to Melbourne Gay History.

Brighton Ourstory Project
A History of Brighton's Lesbian & Gay Community

New York Songlines
Virtual Walking Tours of Manhattan Streets which details the street-by-street history of buildings, including those with a gay history.
Out of the past
400 Years of Gay History in America - tied to documentary film released in 1998
The History of Gay Bathouses
Legendary bathouses of New York and elsewhere
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals
Persoanl Histories and Blogs

Stradivarius London
Personal website of Keith - containing recollections of gay life in London from the perspective of an older gay man.

The Wall of ROQ
Personal site of John Tomlinson, a Canadian gay elder, cancer survivor and self-described "retired old queen" (ROQ). Autobiographical musings on his life story including his long-term relationship, retirement and old age.
James T. Sears, PhD
Home page of a southern educator, author, scholar, and lecturer. Includes biographical info, an annotated bibliography, excerpts of writings, as well as news on forthcoming books, information about how to contribute to an international journal on lgbt issues in education, and lots of rainbow material and resources, particularly on the American South.
A memoir and reflection on gay history and popular culture from the post-World War II years to the late Eighties - most of it centered on New York City, though one section is devoted to Syracuse, and there is a bit about Chicago.
Museums & Collections

International Museum of Gay and Lesbian History
Our mission is simple: build the first world-class museum showcasing both the remarkable historic contributions made by gays and lesbians and the unique heritage and culture of the GLBT community.

The National Archive of Lesbian, Gay Bisexual & Transgender History
The archive works to preserve our communities' heritage, making it accessible through regular exhibits, publications and scholarly research activities from 1950 to the present.

The World History of Male Love
Fascinating collection of artwork and literature detailing how gay male love has always been a part of the social fabric. While there arenít as many examples as we would like, those provided are well worth a visit.

Other History Sites
Remember When
......milk came in bottles. Nostalgia site for the over 40s.

Committee on Lesbian and Gay History (CLGH)
An affiliated society of the American Historical Association. The Committee on Lesbian and Gay History (CLGH) was founded in 1979 to promote the study of homosexuality in the past and present by facilitating communication among scholars in a variety of disciplines working on a variety of cultures


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Print and TV commercials featuring mature gay men
Paintings, drawings photographs & movies
Fact and fiction for gay seniors and admirers
All gay cruises and gay cruise groups
Safe and succesful dating guide
Reviews and ratings of the major and senior dating sites
Chat & video chat systems for interacting with friends or lovers
Events for mature gay men and admirers
Health, and medical treatments for mature men/admirers including Viagra
Gay history through the ages
Gay financial planning
Fun and funny sites for seniors and admirers
Email-based mailing lists for mature gay men and admirers
Movies on DVD and VHS featuring mature and younger gay men.
Magazines and CDs about mature men
Social, political and support organizations
Gay social and ageing research
Gay retirement communities
Gay and senior orientated links, search and portals
Fun T-shirts and other merchandise
How to get the best deal, gay travel, vacations, guides
Erotic and amusing travellers stories.
Gay and senior orientated accomodation and vacations.
Porn Video & DVD with mature men.
Sites offering galleries of pics, personals, chat, etc.,


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