Playa del Ingles
If you're looking for winter sun and beach with a wild nightlife, this is the place to go. Although a Spanish territory it's actually situtated off the West coast of Africa and is almost guaranteed good weather all year round although it can be cool in the evenings in Winter and in the mountains.
Fabulous beaches and dunes, with a special nude gay beach towards Maspalomas. Very busy dunes, absolutely all ages. In the dunes, you might find more mature men than on the beach.
The Yumbo Center in Playa Del Ingles has 45 gay bars! All interests and ages are catered for. The GrayGay bars tend to be on the lowest floor. Early in the evening peole tend to congregate around a group of bars (Nestor, Adonis, Casablanca) where you can watch the passing parade and attempt to make eye contact. Later the older crowd and admiers can be found at the Hummel-Hummel.

Gran Canaria is great for a short break (and lots of sex!) but after a week you may find that the attractions wain and you get bored of looking at concrete.

There are a few all-gay complexes on the Island but you'll probably get better value by either staying in an apartment complex or a mixed hotel such as the Neptuno by the Yumbo Center.

Yumbo Centre Guide

Hummel Hummel
Yumbo Centre, Lower Level
The best bar on the island for mature men and their admirers. Large outside seating area with more intimate inner are and cabaret stage. They have two video-dark-rooms - one with only videos featuring mature men. Above the bar are two TV's pointing in opposite directions - one show stills of twinks the other show stills of mature men, mostly culled from the 'net.
It tends to be busy from 9-1am when the crowd tends to drift off towards Na Und (see below) or other more lively places.
Gray -60%, Admirer - 25%, Rent- 5%, Music 5/10, Cruise 8/10, Elegance 5/10

Na Und
Yumbo Centre, Lower Level
Gray -75%, Admirer - 15%, Rent- 1%, Music 5/10, Cruise 5/10, Elegance 6/10
Clientele is older 50/70, mainly spanish/german folk music and waltzes with some disco. Not as cruisy as some other bars and can be real fun if you like dancing of the cheek-to-cheek variety

Yumbo Centre, Lower Level
Gray -75%, Admirer - 15%, Rent- 1%, Music 5/10, Cruise 5/10, Elegance 4/10
Quiter, neigborhood bar. Older clientelle

Centre Stage
Yumbo Centre, 2nd Level
Gray -20%, Admirer - 5%, Rent- 0%, Music 8/10, Cruise 3/10, Elegance 4/10
Mixed show bar with free (and very funny) drag shows every night.

Café Wien
Cita Centre, 2nd Level (go up the steps from the open area and follow the passage to the end)
Gray -10%, Admirer - 5%, Rent- 0%, Music 5/10, Cruise 4/10, Elegance 4/10
Busy afternoons for Coffe/Tea and delicous cakes.

Riu Palace Terrace
Used as a rest-stop on the way back into town after a day on the dunes or beach so you can see what the occupants of the nearby dunes look like and watch the sunset.

There are over 7M!(11.2KM) of beech with clean sand and a large area of dunes behind.

Nude Beach (Gay section)
Walk from the Rui Palace Hotel onto the dunes. From an imaginary clock (where 12pm is direct to the sea) follow a more-or-less direct path to the sea at 1pm. Nude section is just to the left of very large dune with deck chairs for hire and nude(!) volleyball court. Beach bar divides nude area into gay/straight sections (gay area is furthest from dune) but it has become almost 80% gay over recent years. All ages and shapes can be found.

Alternative access (probably easier if you have difficulty walking in soft sand) is from Lighthouse at Maspolomas (taxi/bus from Playa del Ingles) and walk along seashore 1M (1.6KM) to nude section (25mins) or from the beach at Playa del Ingles turn right and walk along the beach until you come to the nude section (30 mins).

Cruising Areas
Sand dunes
Walk from the Riu Palace (large hotel) onto the dunes. Turn right and follow posts to wooded gulley for about 1/2 mile (.8KM) then find the nearest wooded area.

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