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Schwule ALTER-Nativen NRW
Die Schwule ALTER-Nativen NRW ist ein Zusammenschluss von Gruppen für ältere Schwule in NRW.
Federation of all groups for older gay men in the NRW area.
Berlin has been the Gay capital of Germany since 1897 when the first Gay organisation was formed. Now unified, the wall that used to divide the city has led to the development of two Gay "centres". Berlin also has excellent public transport with the U-Bahn (subway/underground) and S-Bahn (suburban bus) systems.

Andreas Kneipe

HarDie's Kneipe (Formerly Andreas Kneipe)
Ansbacher Straße 29,
Schöneberg, 10777 (218 3257) U1, U2, U12, U15 Wittenbergplatz.
Tel: +49-30-236 398 42
Open 11am-4am daily. One of the oldest and most traditional bars in Berlin with a very mixed crowd. If you want real Berlin atmosphere, this is the place

Fuggerstr. 34, 10777 Berlin, near "Oldtimer"
Tel: +49 30 21966916
8p.m. - 2a.m.
Gray 40 % Admirers 20% Rent/Hustlers ?% Music 2 Cruise Factor 3 Elegance 6
Nice new bar with gay bears all ages!

10777 Berlin-Schöneberg, Welserstr. 27
218 23 63
Mo-So 0.00-24.00
Phone: 0160 - 92576588
Older crowd

Eulenspiegel (was Club 70) 
Tel:784 17 86 
Ebersstrasse 58 (U - Insbrucker Platz) 
Tue-Sat 9pm onwards. Sun 6pm onwards. 
Very small neighbourhood bar.
Club Amsterdam 
Tel:213 32 32 
Barbarossastrasse 38 (U - Gunzelstrasse) 
Tue-Sat 9pm onwards. Sun 6pm onwards.
Eisenacherstraße 3a

Old style pub filled with somewhat older regulars.
Schaperstr 12 - 13
Tel: 030 2182579
16 00 - 03 00
Especially Sundays
Kleine Philharmonie
Schaperstraße 4
Wilmersdorf, 10719 (883 1102) U1, U9 Spichernstraße.
Open 5pm-3am Mon-Fri, Sun; 8pm-3am Sat.
This eccentric musically-themed pub serves as a cosy living-room for the older local population. Although on the weekday when I visited, the place was nearly empty - Pewit.

Neue Oldtimer
Lietzenburger Strasse 12 (U - Wittenbergplatz)
Tel: 218 20 61
Reopened on August 1st, 1998. The new owner is reputed to have spent about
€ /$ 139,000.00 refurbishing the place. It looks very nice and they have added an outdoor space to the place. It is quite active for afternoon coffee and even week day nights are now crowded. It is great to have this place open again. There was a real void when it closed several months ago and the new staff is so much better than what one was exposed to in the past.

Report 05/2009: It's friendly enough but it seems that everyone who goes to this place is a smoker since it's almost impossible to avoid the smoke unless you go out on the terrrace or stand at the door. Quite a few older gents but not many admirers when I visited early on a weekday evening.
Gray 60%, Admirer 40%, Rent ?%, Music Level:5, Cruise Factor:6, Elegance: 6, Smoke: 8

Arco Hotel
30 Geisbergstrasse
Mixed clientele but gay owned. Near the KaDeWe department store and very close to gay bars -3 minutes walk to the Old Timer.
Fax:+49-(0)30-211 3387

A 103 Kurfürstenstr.
113 10787
Tel: 2184060
Mon-Thurs 11am-7am, Weekends Fri 11am- Mon 7am
Sauna, Steam room, Jacuzzi, Solarium, TV/Video, Private cabins, Fetish cabins, S/M Area, Slingroom. Bar & Restaurant.
One of the oldest saunas in Berlin, a little dirty and "used" but best place to go to have fun
Gate Sauna
Wilhelmstr. 81.
Tel.2299 430
11am - 7pm
SAGE Germany

Friedlstr 34-12047
Tel: 3030-623-7514
Gruppe 40+
Schwule über Vierzig im Sonntagsclub e.V.
Greifenhagener Straße 28
D-10437 Berlin
Tel. 030 449 75 90
Gruppe regenbogen 40 plus
Bürgerwache am Siegfriedplatz,
1. Etage, Raum 104
Tel: 05221 / 68 99 60
Ansprechpartner: Brian und Jörg

Schwule über 40 (gays over 40):
BSer AIDS-Hilfe,
Eulenstraße 5,
38112 Braunschweig
jeden 3. Samstag im Monat: Fahrt zu Treffen der hannöverschen 'Vierzig plus' Abfahrt in Braunschweig, Hauptbahnhof, 15:19 h
Every 3rd Saturday of the month travel to the Hanover 40-plus group. Meet at the Hauptbahnhof.
Schwule über 40 (gays over 40)
Runkeneck, In den Runken 1, 28203 Bremen
Gay & Gray: KCR - Kommunikations-Centrum Ruhr e.V. Braunschweiger Straße 22, 44145 Dortmund (am Nordmarkt)
Tel: 0231 / 83 22 63
Fax: 0231 / 83 19 19
Schwule über 5 und dreißig! (Gay over 35)
Heinrich Terdenge
Vorwärtsstr. 28
44866 Bochum
Handy: 0171 - 49 20 41 5
Jeden Freitag im Monat zwischen 19 und 22 Uhr im Café Pink Flamingo, Varnhorstraße 17, 45127 Essen.
1. Freitag "Klön- & Besprechabend für den neuen Monat",
2. Freitag "On - Tour",
3. Freitag "Kulinarische Freuden",
4. Freitag "Kultureller - Abend".
Gaysentreff Duisburg
Mercatorstraße 58 (100M from the Station)
Press R. Köhler (4th Floor)
0203/ 9409372-73
Party for mature men and admirers, every Saturday starting from 20.00.
"Wir über 40" (We're Over 40)
Treffen an jedem letzten Freitag im Monat um 20 Uhr in den Räumen von „Pink Power“, Musfeldstr. 161, 47053 Duisburg (Mi. ab 20 h).
Meets every last Friday in the month at 8pm
Tel: Guido Merse (02151/573680 oder 0203/ 663383)
oder Heinz Stroh 0203/ 559026;
Studio 1
Jahnstrasse 2a. 
Tel: 0211-37-8743
Very nice bar and small disco which (reportedly) is full of older guys on Fridays and weekends 
Quiet during weekdays.
City Sauna
Luisenstrsse 129/Mintroplatz (Near main railway station)
Mon-Thu 12pm-1am, Fri-Sat 3pm-7am, Sun 12pm-1am
Gray 30%, Admirer 30%, Rent 0%, Music 0%, Cruise 7, Elegance 7
Very large sauna complex 5 minutes from station. Also has bar which is available without visiting the sauna. Steam room, sauna, TV room, cabins with porno video, Video Room, A few older guys (some very good looking!).
Gay and Grey

Gruppenabende immer Freitags ab 19.00 Uhr / Meets every Friday at 7pm
1 Etage Raum 101
AWO Begegnungsstätte
Kasernenstraße 6,
Düsseldorf Innenstadt
Tel: Rolf: (0211) 44 02 639. Bitte nur abends versuchen.
Manfred: (02066) 469 421
St.Tropez Sauna 
am Freistein 54 
Tel: 32 25 41 
1st Sat month 10pm - JO parties for older guys.

Na Und
Klapperfeldstrasse 16 (S+U-Bahn Konstablerwache)
Frankfurt 60313
069 29728841
City Center about 5 min walk from S-Bahn Station "Konstablerwache"
gray 60%, admirer 40%, rent 0%, Music 5, Cruise 5, Elegance 5, Smoke 6

(Report 07/05/04) The new owner, Ibrahim (and his older friend) are very welcoming and have spent money on improvements - including new furniture. They offer "nibbles" at the bar for patrons a "happy hour" from 6.00-9.00 and it is usually busy from 9 until late at weekends.

Schäfergasse 42-44 (Metro: Konstablerwache)
Frankfurt am Main
Hessen 60313
Tel: +49 069 219 99709
Mon - Sat 10:00 - 00:00, Sun 10:00 - 21:00
Just over from Fräggels, is a cosy café-bar catering to your slightly older crowd - a gentle entrée to any soirée

(was Alte Muenz)
Alte Gasse 69
60313 Frankfurt
Tel: 69-28 03 63
4pm - 2am. Hot meals until midnight
New name but the venue is not

Zum Schwejk
Schäfergasse 20,
60313 Frankfurt,
Tel 69-293 166
Mon-Sat from 11am, Sunday from 3pm
Mixed ages - not many over 50.
Amsterdam Clubsauna
Waidmannstrasse 31
60596 Frankfurt
Tel: 69-631 33 71
Daily 1pm- 11pm
Closed Monday

Entrance €13
Report 12/03
Based in a town house in a suburb of Frankfurt to the south of the city, this is the oldest sauna in Frankfurt - but it has been undergoing an extensive redevelopment including the recent opening of probably the most beautiful (and camp!) sauna cabin in Europe. It also boast a largely mature clientele and their admirers of all shapes and sizes - although someone seemed to have hidden all the razors as few are clean shaven.
Changing facilities are on the ground floor and In the basement are showers, a cruisy steam-room, shower room, a large Jacuzzi and two saunas - including the one mentioned above which is built in a new extension at the back of the building.
This recently opened large sauna boasts miniature lights in the roof fed by fibre-optics that change colour in waves. Flame-effect lights on the wall give off a low yellow light than disguises your pallid white winter skin and a "waterfall" of green light hides speakers for the jungle bird song and waterfall sound effects. Truly a camp experience!
Upstairs is a large bar and seating area where you can get alcoholic drinks and snacks. On the next floor is a labyrinth of cubicles for "resting" and a large darkened "relaxation" room for public "displays of affection".
Gray 45%, admirer 40%, rent ?%, cruise 80%, elegance 9, cleanliness 5
Sauna x2, Steam Room, Jacuzzi, Resting Area, Private Cabins, Public rest room, Bar, Cafe.
Best time to visit: Saturday afternoon
Klingerstr. 6, 60313
Tel.: 069 / 94 59 26 36
Organise social events including Gray-fitness on Tuesday evenings.
Rosa Hilfe
Freiburg e.V. Eschholzstr. 19, 79106 Freiburg
Tel./Fax : 0761 / 25 161
Picadilly Bar 
Silbersackwiete 1 
Tel: 319 24 74 
8pm-4am, Closed Thu, Fri & Sat 8pm - ?
Cafe Spund
Mon-Sat 10am-12am, Sundays and Public Holiday 3pm - 12am
Older gays especially on Sundays
Apollo Sauna 
Max-Brauer-Allee 277
Tel +49 40 434811
Mon-Sat 3pm - 12am, Sunday and Public Holidays: 1pm - 12am
In the afternoons until 7 pm at least 50% Gray. Best days Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Best time to look there is from the opening time till about 8 PM. Recommended. It is between two train stations. Therefore a bit of a walk. But worth the ravelling. Go before 5.
Email Report 13/04/01 "Apollo in Hamburg was also quite good, early afternoon is the time to be there. Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday are the good days"
Email Report 13/04/01 "Basically disgusting, but older men do go to them, not many. The best one was Homo Gay kino on Clemens Schulz Strasse. Was there on a week day mid afternoon and there were perhaps 5 people altogether in the place. "
Talstr. 8
Tel +49 40 312495
Open 24 h 
Best time between 11 am -8 pm
Clemens-Schulz-Str. 43 open daily 10am - midnight
Best time between 10 am and 5 PM
80% older and married guys chasing men
Gay and Gray:
Magnus Hirschfeld Centrum MHC Borgweg 8, Hamburg
Tel: 040 / 643 97 65, Fax: 040 / 643 97 65
Gruppe Schwule über 40 im Magnus-Hirschfeld-Zentrum Borgweg 8, 22303 Hamburg Tel. 643 97 65 Website: E-Mail:
Bar Karole 
Konkordiastrasse 8 
Tel: 44 53 08 
Mon-Thu 9pm-1am, Fri/Sat 9pm-2am, closed Tue 
Traditional bar just outside the city centre.Taxi recommended. Quiet weekdays. 
Gray-30%, Admirer-10%, Rent-?%, Music Level 5/10, Cruise Factor 4/10, Elegance 4/10
Le Fiacre
Weißekreuzstraße 20
Oldest gay bar in Hanover and meeting place for the Gay Over 40 group.
Vulkano Sauna 
Otto-Bremmer-Strasse 15 (Entrance Hausmanstrasse) 
Tel: 151 66 
Sun-Thur 1pm-1am, Fri/Sat - night sauna 
Huge sauna complex on 6 levels! Not many older guys though.
Bar,TV room, cinema, steam room, 2 saunas, plunge pool, rooms available and some overnight. 
Gray-5%, Admirer-5%, Rent-?%, Music Level n/a, Cruise Factor 9/10, Elegance 6/10
Vierzig Plus (40 Plus)
Tel. in der Woche —jd. 3 Samstagnachmittag/Monat: 0511 /35 90 99 6 —0511 / 36 32 97 8
E-Mail: Jürgen Rattay (Webmaster)
Social group for gay men over 40.
Regular Meeting:
HuK-Hannover, Schuhstrasse 4, 3. Etage Jeden 3.
Samstag/Monat um 16:30 Uhr
(Saturday from 4.30pm)
Adonis Sauna
Lameystrasse 12a
Tel: 55 50 51
Entrance fee €12
Köln (Cologne) 
Köln probably has more bars for mature gay men and their admirers in one city than anywhere else in Germany. Admittedly, they're not all very big, but add this to probably one of the most busy saunas in Europe and it's an attraction which you can't miss.
Köln is also worth visiting for the annual Karnival in February and CSD (Gay Pride) in July - both of which attract huge crowds so the bars and the sauna are packed over the weekend before the parade.
Bei Udo
vor St. Martin 12,
Tel: 0221-2582347
The audience is mixed (probably 80% gay), but I'd say 70% of the people there are over 50 and most of them are very nice foxes, always with a smile on their face. Some admirers can also be found there. The manager of the pub is a very nice silverfox himself.
Gray 70% Admirer 10% Rent? Cruise 3, Elegance 5, Music 4
My Lord 
Mühlenbach 57
50676 Köln
Tel:+49 (0)221 23 17 02 
Gray-60%, Admirer-20%, Rent-?%, Music Level 3, Cruise Factor 4/10, Elegance 4/10, Smoke 9 
Small neighbourhood bar with mostly older guys and quite a few bears present, plus their admirers. Very near Vulcano Sauna. Can get very busy and smokey at weekends.
Zille Bar
Sometimes you find older guys in the "Brennerei Weiß" and in the restaurant "Nana´s".
On Saturday from 1.30 til 3 o´clock in the afternoon you often find a group of middle-aged and older guys in the café "Elinor´s" after shopping.
Marienplatz 3-5 
Tel: 21 60 51 
Mon-Fri 11am-11pm,Sat -8am night sauna, Sun 11am-10pm. 
Admission €13 
Clean, very active and large sauna on 2 levels with steam room, plunge pool, bar, TV room. "Fun Room" downstairs (and I do mean fun!) has cabins and porno cinema, although it could do with better ventilation in some of the more secluded corners. 
Best on Saturdays from 2pm
Gray-70%, Admirer-30%, Rent-?%, Music Level 3, Cruise Factor 10/10, Cleanliness 6/10
Email Report 13/04/01
" Was at the Vulcano Sauna in Koln last Sunday, and after not having been there for over ten years, once again it proves itself to be the best place in the world for seeing well endowed Gray haired masculine men on the prowl. They are in all size and shapes. This place on the weekends is even better than Sauna Bruch in Barcelona. Got there around 1:45 pm and could only stay for an hour or so, but in that hour I had more fun than I ever dreamed of. I had one big problem though.........that was who to go with first. INCREDIBLE. I would advise on weekends getting there around noon. Many people fool around than sit at the bar and chat for a long while around 2 pm . Then they spring back into action. I won't wait 10 years this time to go back. "
Golden Gays

1st and 3rd Monday in the month from 19.00 at Sozialwerk, Rubensstraße 8-10
Tel: 0221/ 19446, 16.00-18.00
GayGrey Radio
E Mail::

Every 3rd Thursday in the month from 22:04hr - 22:55hr on radio Cologne 107.1 MHz and at the same time also on the InterNet
Unsere Sendung läuft jeden 3. Donnerstag im Monat von 22:04 - 22:55 Uhr auf Radio Köln 107,1 MHZ und gleichzeitig auch im Internet
Hot House

Ladenburgerstr. 23 - Käfertal
68309 Mannheim Tel.: (0621)737260
Open Tuesday 4.00-22.00, Wed, Sat, Sun and Friday 12-23.
Definitely the place for older guys in the Mannheim area - although it it's not in the city centre it is located just off the autobahn East of the city.
Big facility with steam room, sauna, TV room, garden. Mostly older guys and a few younger but not very busy.
Gruppe älterer Schwuler SCHAM e.V.

Postfach 10 17 11, D-68017 Mannheim
Tel. 19 446
München (Munich) 
Munich has a large gay scene with many bars and restaurants mainly to the south of the Sendlinger arch.
· Café bar
Utzschneiderstr. 4, 80469 M
Tel.: 260 54 98
Sun–Thur 4pm–1am, Fri-Sat 4pm–3 am
Cosy bar in the heart of Munich. Mixed ages, snacks.
Cafe Paris
Thalkirchener Straße 10
Tel: 089/26 58 02
10.00am - 01.00am
The meeting place close to the Sendlinger gate. Cosy Café with good kitchen.
The large terrace is very pleasant in good weather. Mixed clientelle (at least during weekdays).
Drei Glöcklein
Hans-Sachs-Str. 8, 80469 M
Tel.: 26 61 75
Comfortable, rustic, friendly, some mature men.
Maistrasse 28 
Tel:53 76 39 
Piano bar with relaxed atmosphere 
Klenzestrasse 43 
201 67 76 
Sun-Thur 7pm-2am, Fri/Sat 7pm-3am 
Smart cocktail bar. The Morizz has got a selected audience, sometimes even VIPs drop by. The drinks are recommendable, the meals (Thai-cooking) are good. Unfortunately, particularly on the weekends, it’s quite crowded.
Metzstraße 15 (Weißenburger Platz) 0178-690 97 46
Daily 4pm- 1am, Fri/Sat. from 8pm
Cosy local bar with music from 50s, 60s and 70s.
Hans-Sachs-Straße 1
Tel: 260 33 59
Old fashioned bar which attracts a mixture of bears, older guys and admirers. A number of regulars some here to meet their friends although there is some cruising.
Gray 30%, Admirer 30%, Rent 5%, Music 5, Elegance 5, Cruise 5
Deutsche Eiche
Reichenbachstrasse 13
Phone: +4989-23 11 66 - 0
The sauna is behind the restaurant and hotel - use the side entrance
Gray 30% in the afternoons
Sauna Wetterstein 
Hotel Wetterstein, Grüwalderstrasse 16, Tel: 6970033 
Mon-Fri 11-21h, Sat 8-20h, not 100% gay but very good. Free to Hotel guests 
Atlantic City
3 Schiller Strasse
Gray 60% Admirers 30% Cruise 10 Elegance 3
Busy time: 4-7 pm and on Saturday afternoons
Bali kino
Corner Schwantaler Strasse/Schiller Str.
Gray 60 % Admirers ? Cruise 10
Go in the late afternoon for married guys getting off before heading home.
Herrensauna Sauna
Dachauer Straße 9a - near central-station (north).
80335 Munich
Phone: 0049 89 51518916
Tuesday to Saturday 11 a.m. till 8 p.m. Nov. - March also on Sundays open 12 noon till 6 p.m. closed Mondays
Cosy meeting place preferred by mature men and admirers.
(open till 1.00 o'clock at night) gay sauna plus turkish style steam room.
Report Feb 2001 "I was there last Thursday night: only few people (3 silverfoxes), 2 finish saunas, 1 steam , 1 bio. quiet, middle size, ok. I hope there is more people on weekends
Deutsche Eiche
Reichenbachstr 13, 80469 M
Tel.: 089/23 11 66–0
2pm –7am Entry from €13
Newly renovated and enlarged - whirlpool , 2 finish saunas, 1 huge steam sauna, lots of cabins, corners, etc. lots of space.
Report Feb 2001 "I've been there a couple of times: not many silverfoxes :( but friends told me that there a quite some during daytime otherwise this is the nicest sauna I know. "
Report June 2001 " Very clean and very large. 10% gray during afternoons.
Schwabinger men sauna
Düsseldorfer Strasse
Report Feb 2001 "Very small, very nicely decorated. I was there only once during sunday evening. About 20 men, looked like they knew each other. Most men aged 30-50"
Schwulenzentrum Münster e.V. Am Hawerkamp 31, 48155 Münster Postfach 4407, 48025 Münster
Weitere Infos bei Wolfgang
Tel. 0177 - 555 3532
Initiative Rosa-Lila
Friedrich-Engels-Ring 45
Tel: 0395 / 54 42 077 Site: /
Schwule ab 40
Vier Jahreszeiten e.V. 14403 Potsdam Tel.: 0331 / 86 65 173
40plus: c/o Klub Einblick e.V. Lübecker Straße 48, 19053 Schwerin
Tel: 0385 / 55 55 60 Email:

Obertorstrasse 10, near St. Johanner Markt
Rustic bar and cafe that attracts an older crowd.
From 12pm
Petit Fleur
Kronenstrasse 10, near St. Johanner Markt
One of the oldest bars in the city that atracts a mostly 50+ crowd during the week but more mixed at weekends. Bar snacks available.
Teddy Treff
Mainzer Strasse 57, 10 minutes from St. Johanner Markt
Opens at 9pm but very quiet until 11pm. Darkroom in basement with porno films. Ring the doorbell to obtain entry.
Goldener Heinrich 
Leonhardstrasse 3 
Tel:24 58 27 
10pm-1am, Sun 4pm-1am 
Jakobstrasse 6,
70182 Stuttgart,
Tel: 711-235 482
Tues-Sat from 10am
Sun-Mon from 4pm
Close to Goldener Heinrich
Olympus Sauna
Gerberstr. 11, 70178
Tel. (0711) 649 89 19, open 2 PM - 12 PM.
In the afternoon and more on weekdays, there's a number of older guys in it. The later the less older guys. It's a little bit shabby, but the place with the biggest chance to find an older guy.
Gray: 20-30 %, Admirer.: 10 %, Rent: 0 %, Cruise: 10
Gay & Gray
jeden 1. Donnerstag, 20 Uhr LSVD Ba-Wü, Gay & Gray Themenabend, Weissenburg, Weissenburgstr. 28a, Stuttgart, Infos: T. (0711) 659352
jeden 2. u. 4. Donnerstag, 20 Uhr LSVD Ba-Wü, Gay & Gray Stammtisch, Weissenburg, Weissenburgstr. 28a, Stuttgart, Infos: T. (0711) 659352
jeden Montag, 20.15 bis 21.45 Uhr LSVD Ba-Wü, G(r)ay Sports, Sporthalle Vogelsangschule, Seyfferstr. 77, Stuttgart-West, Infos: T. (0711) 659352
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